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The platform worthy to build and grow your Shopify business on. Focus on growth, not managing technology. Running a successful business is hard work. Don't get slowed down with the worry of upgrades, installations, and managing multiple developer relationships.

We're always improving Rebase.

Rebase is an evolving set of tools for your commerce business. We are regularly releasing updates, improvements and new features to ensure you have the best possible product to grow your business with.

A platform ready for any scale.

Have over a million Instagram followers? Not a problem. Whether you are serving 100 page requests or 100,000, Rebase is built to scale automatically to meet the demands of your store.

Progressively Optimized

Every line of code has been fine-tuned and optimized to give your business stability along side the latest Shopify Plus features.

Build your audience and extend your reach organically and effortlessly.

Rebase Campaigns give social validation to your shoppers by featuring their personal posts using your brand's #hashtag alongside your own media. Curated by you, approved photos can be tagged to products and fare shown on product pages automatically. You can even build specific campaigns for landing pages.

Back In Stock Notifications

Get ahead of the game and gauge a potential demand. Rebase lists keeps track of what your customers want and gives a report back to you in admin.


Give your customers the ability to save a product to purchase later. The customer's can then directly add an item to their cart from a wishlist. The wishlists can also be quickly shared with friends and family. Wishlists are tracked to the Shopify customer record so that customers can access their wishlist from any desktop or mobile device.

Back In Stock Notifications

Assure customers they will get what they want and capture a lost sale. Provide sign-up forms for temporarily out-of-stock products with email notifications being generated whenever items becomes available to encourage purchase.

Saved Cart

Create future business with your existing customers. Give customers an option to save items in their cart for later with quick access to add them back when they are ready to purchase.


Give your customers the opportunity to find your retail locations or dealers instantly. A location's information is automatically populated from a Facebook Place or Business Page. Say goodbye to manual entry, time-consuming updates, and outdated in your results.


Rebase includes a built-in form builder and routing service that allows for valid HTML forms to be built, processed and sent along to specified email addresses. Forms can include file uploads, datepickers and even support required fields giving you the ability to capture any information necessary.


Pre-built documentation specific to your brand with how-to’s and other advanced topics within Shopify/Rebase.

Cart Goals

Incentivize your customer’s shopping experience. Set thresholds that deliver messages encouraging customers to increase their cart amount to receive a discount, free product, or free shipping.

Custom Application Hosting

Built-in infastructure to handle any custom application that your business requires. Our team can build, integrate, and host a custom application tied directly into your store on our proven hosting environment.